Saturday, June 30, 2007

SSD 2097

SSD 2097 from David's Reel

Pierre Macherez
Pablo Parra Pozo

Nicolas Malinowsky

Harold Urcun

Thibaut Soyer

Directed by
David Luraschi


Michael said...

Well done Dave,

Loved the wetsuit. Did you shoot a TV monitor in the opening and at the end, it looked great... and that dude in the beginning totally freaked me out.
Great idea with the flashlight, looked like he was under surveilance during the whole take.

loved the music too, was it original?

dave said...

the opening was indeed a projection so we shot that stuff before hand. I was very fortunate to have both nicolas and harold compose the music for me, first time i have ever done a live score.

Anonymous said...

hey dude, ici Guillaume Le Goff (Clark mag.) straight outta Paris, City of Light. Je viens - enfin - de voir le petit film, bien chanmé mec, ça m'a pris du début à la fin et d'ailleurs, très bon, mais mais mais... où est la suite ? Nice job bro' !
hope you all good

Anonymous said...

this is rad.-raymo