Sunday, April 29, 2007


MCBD Films is a collaboration between (M)ichael Medoway, (C)onall Jones, (B)enoit Touchard and (D)avid Luraschi. We are four film-makers, living in four different countries. Seperated by borders and oceans but connected by theme.

For each project we will agree upon a theme. From there on out we are on our own. Each of us have 60 days to produce a film of 10 minutes or less. Each segment is inspired by a theme or a cinematographic challenge. Once the details have been agreed upon by all members, each filmmaker must produce a film within 60 days. There are no strict rules for we can and cannot do in terms of story, medium or any other part of the creative process.

During production, each member swears to secrecy about the content their individual films. At the end of the 60 day deadline the films are posted online for everyone to see.

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Goldy said...

Great idea guys.