Saturday, June 30, 2007

3 Minute Sequence

For the second installment, each member had 60 days to produce a 3 minute sequence shot.

A sequence is a continuous image uninterrupted by montage.

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Derek said...

punishment for conal should be... a 3 min sequence on how for 3 days straight he must consume only sausage sandwiches from late night sausage stands (do they sell sausages all day cj, i hope so). he must eat only the long skinny ones, (which he prefers), for lunch and dinner and the fat meaty, 4 smaller ones on the round bun (you know what i'm talkin about cj), for lunch... for 3 days. *edit* i just read what a "sequence shot" is, conall must eat 3 sausage sandwiches under 3 mins, one of each, while walking through the big square, where the clock thing is... go now!