Monday, April 30, 2007

Golden State

GOLDEN STATE from David's Reel and Vimeo.

Starring Craig Stokle, Aeschleah Demartino, Tanner Zelinsky and Brian Stokle.


Michael Medoway said...

you totally stole the show, beautiful work. I absolutely loved the cinematography. Fucking hell man, really well done.
That's the Photoworks dude, huh... I always thought he was the nicest employee there. Well, besides you of course.
Okay, I'm done stroking your ego, but really... good work, and to Sarah too, whom I've yet to meet.

Matthew said...

magic! that was really fun to watch. I love it when the girl on bart runs up to her boyfriend and Stokle just passes by, no expression. very well played. Great soundtrack too. Now I'm homesick.

Derek said...

loved it colors, music and all. i thought it was gonna be about a man who ate two burritos though? i guess thats the next one

Anonymous said...

How could you go a full 8 minutes without the Stokle-Voice?

"Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Dragracing down at the quarter-mile! Thrills! Spills! Chills! We'll sell you the entire seat, but you'll only need the edge!!!!!!!!"

Gotta make use of the man's full range of talents.

And where was the Cafe Mondial?

conjon said...

yo. great job. love that you took off the widescreen training wheels and used 3:4, made those wide empty shots really powerful. I see your still photo genius coming through. also great choice of actor, that guy is funny looking in the best way. cracked up about how he doesn't react to girl hugging the guy, so sad. Lastly my favorite part was the end, totally my kinda humor, want more. Bravo.

Craig Stokle said...

My friend Delphine, who lives in Reunion (half a world away), watched "Golden State" with her 5 year old son Erwan. Here's what she wrote:

Je te laisse apprécier l'opinion d'Erwan, 5 ans : " Maman, le monsieur il fait de la magie ? Il a fait disparaitre tout le monde ? Ce doit etre un gentil magicien s'il est ton copain...Et la fille, il voulait devenir son ami et puis elle en a déjà un, hein ?". Tu vois, c'est gagné si tout est si limpide pour lui. J'imagine Erwan en réalisateur plus tard...