Monday, April 30, 2007

vive la france

France from benoit and Vimeo.

hope to meet you some day Conall


le roukain said...


mort de rire

Michael Medoway said...

Well done mon frère. I totally had a similar idea with google earth, for our intro.
So much energy man, I started to dance half way through it.

dave said...

the ending is my favorite part

Derek said...

lovin the music and theeee earth. shots. photos r totally dope, and a cameo from another director, wow! lol, halfway home indeed

conjon said...

yo dude,
It was great to meet you today, although too short. I was just able to watch your video. Love it, like mike said full of energy. Love the transition from your girl in the chair to the map behind her. Makes you guys seem like international men of mystery. 004, 005 and 006. Music is perfect too. Wish I could make things with that much energy. Bravo. And I should of had you take more pictures of me so you could add me in and make me look as cool as that redhead.

P.S. Sorry Royal didn't make the cut.