Friday, January 4, 2008

A Prague Fall

Prague Fall from jackabdiel on Vimeo.
I haven't done a lot of work with stills, so this was a sort of exercise in that. Please listen with headphones, if you got em. Also, let it download completely or else it skips a lot. Spanks.


Michael said...

That was absolutely beautiful. bravo.

Victor Dupuis said...

ouais ca dechire (it rips my friend)
bravo nice work



i really enjoyed this piece. good job!
any info on the song name/ artist?

Adrien said...

Dude, your film rocks!
The song rocks also, the singer rules!!.

That's the good things.. ^^

The "bad" thing in my humble opinion, is the massive use of movin' into the stills. Even if the editing is very nice, a bit of stillness could have served the movie..

It is not quite the same subject, but you can check the film of Chris Marker called "La Jetée", which use only fixed images. It's totally awesome..
you can find it on youtube, where you can see the film subbed,
'cause it's in french, *yurk*

keep on the good work!!!