Monday, April 30, 2007

conall's not us

I want to say more, but I guess you should just watch it first.

not us from jackabdiel and Vimeo.


Michael Medoway said...

first to the site, well done. I just finished mine too, it's 3 in the morning in Japan now.
I wasn't expecting that kind of film from you. I liked the section on the architecture a lot, well put together.

dave said...

crazy edit and deep sea thinking mang!

wow dude blown away

Derek said...

droppin knowledge. homies been reading. the shot with yer hands on the poverty book at the end and the boat goes by, thats hot. kinda as hot as josh n i coming to stay with you in 14 days

Josh said...

damn conall...gettin deep with it... nice job, you've come along way from quoting boogie nights.